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Pelagia is a development tool for automatic parallelization of software. We need three steps to improve the execution efficiency of the software. First of all, we should have high-quality software and development level. Secondly, to ensure the optimal software algorithm, excellent algorithm is the Pearl of wisdom. Third, only when the software is completely parallel, can we fully enjoy the surging power brought by infinite hardware.

Cross-platform Transplantation

The system is written in ANSI C and supports Linux, MACosx, Win32 and other operating systems. And iPhone, Android and other mobile systems. And some embedded systems.

Multilingual Compatibility

Support C, C++, Lua and other development languages. It gives you strong support in different languages.

Excellent Performance

The system adopts embedded high-performance memory database. Support transaction, Boolean operation, hard disk persistence, large size data.

Download & Compile

You can download the source code through GitHub or the website link. And compile according to the configuration guide and development guide. It can be developed in your best language.

Configuration & Debugging

Configure the code you develop according to the characteristics of reading and writing data of software modules you write. And use the tools provided by the system to analyze the parallelizability of your code. Modify your code according to the analysis data of the system to get the best parallel ability.

Start running

Deploy the system and software modules to the target machine, and configure the system according to the hardware performance. The system will automatically allocate software modules to the thread pool. And automatically establish routing, caching, transaction and storage systems.



Check the downloads page!

Pelagia 1.0 is the latest stable version. Interested in release candidates or unstable versions? Check the downloads page.

Pelagia source code

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